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Professor of Computing, Lancaster University

Toys for the Boys or Jobs for the Girls. Distinguished Guest Lecture. BCS Cheltenham and Gloucester Branch. 2.15pm Wed. 14th Nov. 2001, CGCHE, Cheltenham, UK.

marketplace ecology - managing the interconnected market groups of the Internet. understanding the way feedback between different groups lead to market growth. bulletin

the lattice of value. principles for designing complementary products that foster their own spread. bulletin

network effects. brief review of network effects and externalities literature in relation to market ecology. bulletin

Cyber-economies and the Real World
keynote at SAICSIT'2001 - South African Institute of Computer Scientists and Information Technologists Annual Conference. Pretoria, 25-28 September 2001. extended abstract and slides

diversity density Measuring the information loss in the supply chain and changes in the new economy. bulletin

artefact + marketing = product Internet products are formed not just by design, but by how they are sold. bulletin
also in Interfaces, no. 48, Autumn 2001

in a strange land: modelling and understanding cyberspace.
Human-Computer Interaction in the 21st Century". Graz, Austria, 13th January 2001
talk paper and slides

market ecology and market engineering understanding the networked market and designing products to transform it. bulletin

understanding the e-Market and designing products to fit.
E-commerce - issues and directions, London, Jan 2000
talk abstract and slides

the web sharer vision - the producer/consumer distinction breaks down on the web, a whole new class of web products will emerge for the new class of web sharers. bulletin

PopuNET - pervasive, permanent access to the Internet. bulletin

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Articles on the e-economy with four main foci:
eProducts for eMarkets
The networked world offers a new kind of market place where virtual geography - who you know and where you visit- becomes more important than physical location.
market ecology
    understanding the virtual market place
market engineering
    designing information products to fit into this
adverts or shopfront
    has web advertising had its day?
real economy
Physical products need to get to real people in real places. As business reorients itself to the e-economy, the most radical changes may well be to the High Street itself.
the virtual village shop
    yes jobs for Mrs Goggins the sub-postmistress
shoes in different sizes
    and getting clothes to fit, and in High Street shops too
visions of the future
Looking ahead - where we will be and where we may be.
    the global net everywhere for everyone and most important of all everywhen
    will the net be a universal publishing house or a place for ordinary people to meeet and share?
basic principles
Radical analysis of the new marketplace to feed radical business and product design policies.
diversity density
    understanding the changing supply chain
models of market ecology
    qualitative and quantitaive models of market groups and products
optimal marketing theory
    from Internet marketing data to optimal marketing strategies