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A British HCI Group Day Conference

(British Computer Society Special Interest Group in Human Computer Interaction)

British HCI Group
The Active Web

20 January 1999

The Octagon
Staffordshire University


School of Computing


British Computer Society

full proceedings now on-line

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The web is changing. Its pages are no longer static, but moving, changing, interacting. Even as we watch, it is evolving from an information repository into a distributed interface to a global networked computational engine. But this change has its price.

  • Can users understand what they are seeing?
  • What is the appropriate technology?
  • How do we ensure that the goals and objectives of our highly dynamic and interactive sites are met?

To find correct answers to these, as with all design problems, we must surely match the technology to the needs. Sometimes, for marketing or image reasons this means using the newest technology just because it is the newest and sexiest. But when functionality and usability matter it is likely to mean using a blend of technologies and often a socio-technical solution, involving, dare we say it, people!

This day conference, appropriately termed "The Active Web", focused on issues surrounding dynamic interfaces for the Web. Papers were invited from practitioners and researchers on (but not limited to) the following:

  • Design approaches and techniques suitable for dynamic web content
  • Usability studies regarding active web front-ends
  • Effective use of client/server technologies and standards - e.g. HTMLx, DHTML, XML, DOM, Pull/Push, Multimedia, Scripting (CGI, ASP, PERL, ...), Java (applets/servlets), plug-ins and database driven pages.
  • Personalisation at the web interface
  • Dialogue persistence and state
  • Intelligence and knowledge-based support
  • Web accessibility
  • Multi-lingual approaches
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Software tool support

Accepted papers were distributed as extended abstracts at the conference and subsequently we intend to publish a book based on full papers and additional material.


In addition to the spoken paper presentations below, various posters and demonstrations were available for viewing during the breaks. Full details of all papers and posters presented on the day are available in the on-line proceedings.

9.15Registration and Tea/Coffee
Dave Clarke and Alan Dix
  Adaptable Hypermedia with Web Standards and Tools
Lloyd Rutledge, Lynda Hardman, Jacco van Ossenbruggen and Dick Bulterman
CWI, Amsterdam
  Browsing Video Content
Peter Macer1, Peter Thomas2
1Hewlett Packard Research Labs, UK; 2University of the West of England
  Using Visualisation to Interpret Search Engine Results
Ratvinder Grewal, Mike Jackson, Jon Wallis and Peter Burden
University of Wolverhampton
11.15 Tea/Coffee
11.45 A Stable View of the Hyperactive Web
George Buchanan, Gil Marsden, Thomas Tan, Yin Leng Theng and Harold Thimbleby
Middlesex University
  Patterns and Components: Capturing the Lasting amidst the Changing
Hans-W Gellersen1, Fernando Lyardet2, Martin Gaedke1, Daniel Schwabe3 and Gustavo Rossi2
1TecO,University of Karlsruhe, Germany; 2LIFIA, Depto de Informtica, UNLP, Argentina; 3Depto de Informtica, PUC-RIO, Brazil
  A Case Study in Designing a Document-centric Groupware Application over the Internet
P Ciancarini and F Vitali
University of Bologna, Italy
12.45 Lunch
14.15 Impedance Matching: Enhancing Temporal Interactivity on the Web
Devina Ramduny
Staffordshire University
  Communicating with Avatars in Virtual 3D Worlds
Volker Thoma, Andrea Haf and Arno Hitzges
Fraunhofer Institut, Germany
  Beyond Webcams and Videoconferencing: Informal Video Communication on the Web
Nicolas Roussel
Universite de Paris-Sud, France
15.15 Tea/Coffee
15.45 AIMS - Academic Information Management System
Gareth Hughes
Southampton University
  Dynamic Web-based Information Management
Matt Pearcey1, Darren Pywell2 and David Tattersall2
1Intergral Ltd, 2Intergral GmbH
  Personalized Shopping in the Web by Monitoring the Customer
Tanja Jording and Stefan Michel
Dresden University of Technology
  Closing Discussion
17.00 End of Day Conference


aQtive limited sponsored a number of student bursaries for the event.


Any queries on this event should now be sent direct to the organisers:

David Clarke +44 (0) 410 481863 D.Clarke@visualize.uk.com
Alan Dix +44 (0) 1785 353428 A.J.Dix@soc.staffs.ac.uk

Programme Committee

David ClarkeVisualize Software Ltd, UK
Alan DixStaffordshire University, UK
Saul GreenbergUniversity of Calgary, Canada
David JenningsDJ Associates, UK
In addition, an international review committee
assisted with the paper review process.

School of Computing British HCI Group
School of Computing British HCI Group

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