make your own puzzle square


Follow the steps below to make a puzzle square from your own photograph or picture.

Steps 1 to 3


Step 1: prepare your images

Choose a photograph or other image you would like to make into a puzzle square. It doesn't have to be square, although it would be sensible to crop it so that the width and height divide by 4. As a guide, the overall size of the standard pictures is 128x128 pixels, but mini-puzzles down to about 48x48 (each piece 12x12) seem to work quite well too.

Step 2: put your images on the web

If your image is not already on the web upload it to your web site, or a photo sharing site such as Flickr first.

Step 3: enter your image details

step 3.1: Put the url of an image here:

Don't forget the 'http://' at the beginning .

step 3.2: choose how many pieces in the puzzle:

rows:   cols:

The default figures of 4x4 seem hard enough!

step 1.2: put the height and width of each piece:

width:   height:

(e.g. your original image was 54x80 pixels, then each pieces would be 14x20 pixels with 4 rows and columns, but the image will be scaled if you want it another size.)

The default figures of 32x32 are for a 128x128 original image with 4 rows and 4 columns.

step 3.4: check the above and then press 'preview' below